Bryan Woclik

Bryan Woclik

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First Name * Bryan
Last Name * Woclik
Username * volchzick
Country * United States
City Maricopa
Nationality Polish German English = (American)
Languages English




I have over 1 year of Creative Director Experience on a range of media projects. With an additional 5 years of education in Graphic Design, Web, and 3D animation. Within these years I have obtained a Bachelors of Art in Animation and an Associates Degree in Applied Science.

Throughout my education I have maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA. While studying under Professors from Fox Animation studio which was formerly in Phoenix the expectations where set high. This is exactly the challenging environment in which I thrive on and find extremely rewarding. My strong points are the ability to quickly adapt and learn. My portfolio webpage is .

Below are a few highlighted projects which illustrate my involvement in the industry:
Host production is the official provider of media for the Sedona International Film Festival. In 2005 my duties at this festival where to capture interviews directly to a laptop during production, edit the live interview, and stream it for viewers within the same weekend.
Virtue Graphics is an innovative company featuring the latest technologies in Stereo Graphics using 3d animation and multimedia. I worked for one year with this company assisting in Camera Operation, Editing, Graphic Design, 3D animation, Project Management and Speaking for marketing Presentations.
On this site under the applications section you will find the Frankenstein project by WCB Solutions. My position during this project was the Creative Director. For this project my responsibilities involved wrapping the scan data into a solid piece using Geo Magic. In addition Minor details where lost in the scan which in turn where reinvented using Zbrush and Maya.
The LA Based Women on Top Productions was in town filming their feature. I jumped on board for the weekend after an invite from Spencer Goold whom I worked previously with on Florence.
On the main page of this website a video is shown. My responsibility was the video editing.